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nationalists, rebels and warlords.

Countries created to suit the imperial designs of London and Paris are being replaced by patches of territory carved out by jihadis, nationalists, rebels and warlords reenex cps .

The border between Iraq and Syria is under the control of the so-called Islamic State; Syrian Kurds are experiencing the kind of autonomy their counterparts in Iraq have had for years; ethnic, tribal and religious leaders are running territories in Libya and Yemen.

As some of the nation states disintegrate, once powerful capital cities become ever more irrelevant. The rest of the world may have embassies in the Middle East but, increasingly, there are no effective ministries for them to interact with.
An alliance of Islamist militias controls large parts of Libya 許智政醫生

The governments in Baghdad, Damascus, Tobruk and Sanaa are now unable to assert their will across large parts of their countries.

"The states that exist in the region do not really have a monopoly on the use of force," LSE Professor Fawaz Gerges told Newshour Extra.

That means that some central governments are now relying on militants and non-state actors to defend them 許智政醫生.

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