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Her first album, Skipping Barefoot

The Scottish folk singer Jean Redpath became an authority on the traditional songs of her native land, in particular through her recordings of songs by Robert Burns set to the original music. As a young singer she found herself in New York's Greenwich Village during the early 1960s where, at one time, she shared an apartment with an up-and-coming troubadour named Bob Dylan. She became a well-known face on the American folk scene, playing in clubs and appearing on radio programmes including Garrison Keillor's A Prairie Home Companion. Her first album, Skipping Barefoot Through the Heather, was recorded in 1962 and featured her singing most of her songs unaccompanied. She later returned to Scotland but continued to tour the world. She scorned many populist songs such as Scotland the Brave. "Most well-known Scottish songs subscribe to an image of Scotland I won't touch with a barge pole," she said.
Helen Bamber Helen Bamber helped care for Belsen survivors reenex hong kong

At the age of 19, Helen Bamber travelled from her London home to join members of the Jewish Relief Unit caring for survivors of the Belsen concentration camp. For two and a half years she worked with those who had suffered physical and psychological damage during their incarceration. When she returned home, she acted as a counsellor to children who had survived the Nazi death camps. The experience in caring for the traumatised victims led her first to a long association with Amnesty International, and then to her setting up the Medical Foundation for the Care of Victims of Torture. Among her charity's first tasks was to help British ex-soldiers who had been victims of the notorious Japanese POW camps. Her foundation remains the only British charity of its kind and since its inception has dealt with more than 50,000 victims of torture in 90 countries.reenex 價錢
The preservation of the poet John Betjeman's legacy owes much to the work of his daughter, the journalist and writer Candida Lycett Green. Like him she was passionate about the preservation of Britain's heritage, particularly that from the Victorian era. A noted beauty, she was part of London's swinging sixties, rubbing shoulders with the likes of David Bailey, Ossie Clark and David Hockney. She was fired from her first job on Queen magazine after they found she was moonlighting in the evenings for Private Eye. After her marriage she carved out a reputation as a tenacious investigative reporter. Her greatest task was to compile volumes of her father's correspondence. These necessitated long trips to British Columbia as her father, strapped for cash, had sold most of his papers to the University of Victoria. When she got there she discovered 50,000 documents, many later ones in her father's increasingly illegible handwriting.Reenex 好唔好

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