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Young start-ups are higher energy

Sure, many employees who join start-ups get a taste of the ping pong matches and late night pizza delivery. Still, depending on when you join a fledgling company, the experience can be entirely different—and much less free-flowing.
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So, what can you expect if you join a start-up, that is, a company younger than five years old? For starters, the work differs significantly based on funding, age and even the number of employees, said Simon Parker, director of the Entrepreneurship Cross-Enterprise Leadership Centre at Western University’s Ivey Business School in London, Ontario in Canada.

“Young start-ups are higher energy and can go off in all directions,” he said. “Longer-established ventures tend to be a little more stable.”12ax7

Jobseekers dreaming of taking a more entrepreneurial route take note: not all start-ups or new ventures are created equal. Here’s what it’s really like to work at a start-up as the company matures.

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Pros: Being one of the first ones on the ground has its advantages. It’s the more storied start-up environment: days ending at 02:00, few defined roles and a collegiate environment, said Denise Doran, 41, director of Smart Wall Paint an office supply start-up in Dublin.

“We were all working in one room — it was busy and it was cramped,” said Doran who held corporate jobs at Dell and Hitachi before joining Smart Wall Paint in 2012. When the company received its first “six-figure order” for a paint that turns walls into whiteboards, the entire staff had to stop their day-to-day tasks to help with packing. Being responsible for everything led to some of the first employees become more entrenched in the team.

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