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Life is too short , so laugh

Life is too short , so laugh , while you still have your teeth .   In the world there are always so few fools , have been waiting for the outcome of those never ending .   Every person born into this world up, there must be an optimum position for him , so he only has one day come to claim it . A position most suitable for him if he should ask his own life and soul , to see whether they are happy.   Life, there must be one pair of people waiting for you, sooner or later you will encounter .   If a person is changing in the face of things , when can always keep their original mind , do not bother , you can get a happy successful life . Life, many things are not satisfactory , the key lies in how you look . There are worries in life is the most real , the same , seriously troubles of life is the most comfortable life.   What is the single-minded ? No choice, you ; have a choice , or do you . Chose you, will no longer be selected , ever, be you. Mom said as long as I obediently admit , it will then take my hand ; sometimes you say it is not mistaken , we can let our hand again . Loved ones will always forgive , because you are their child ; lover always difficult to forgive , because we are all children .   Smile can give anyone but your heart , just to give a person is like.   People only punch, do not take it too much thought . Morishita and wrong , they hold no less than get down to business . A lot of people busy day , nothing, that is to focus too much trivial minutiae . M can feed their families , sand can build houses , but both mixed together , the value of nothing . Man pure point , things can be happy point . Best years of his life , as long as the love that person around , that makes sense.   I always want to keep a place for me to stay there alone , so I can be there Love , love does not know what love who did not know , do not know how to love, love long. But to my mind keep a waiting place where others will never know . Waiting for love , love who may not know , but such is its love   Not preserved , called youth. Does not explain, called calm. Do not let go , be called love. Not perfect, called life

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